The SwiftPath Method

SwiftPath surgeons have adopted an advanced, systematic approach that changes the paradigm in joint replacement. SwiftPath surgeons combine advanced surgical techniques, modern pain management, and rapid rehabilitation methods. They focus on patient/family engagement and education using surgeon authored guides with specific information and protocols and JointCamps. These materials are fully integrated with the surgeons own specific online platform and help the patient optimize their health before surgery to reduce risk and complications. The online secure cloud-based platform is also used for patients to complete their Pathway Selection Algorithm, pre-op surveys, pain scores for monitoring the rehabilitation process and post-op surveys.

SwiftPath surgeons maintain high caseloads of hip and/or knee replacements. They demonstrate the highest standards in joint replacement surgery and have integrated the techniques of the SwiftPath Method into their practice and participate in ongoing education.

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Surgeon Education

SwiftPath is committed to ongoing learning in joint replacements by attending RoundTables to learn and share research and new innovations in surgery. 

The SwiftPath MIS/Zonal Method Courses provide a true simulated surgical experience focusing on joint injections.

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The cadaver courses cover didactic and clinical aspects of minimally invasive surgery, and joint injections. The courses focus on allowing surgeons to teach other surgeons. Surgeons learn about the SwiftPath Method and how each component of the Method relates to surgical techniques, periarticular injections, and modern pain management.

A video library is available to SwiftPath surgeons on SwiftPath TV for on-demand reference.
SwiftPath TV