“Connecting the right patient, with the right surgeon, and the right pathway.”
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What Patients are Saying
  • “Wonderful experience with Dr. Desser. He and his staff worked tirelessly together necessary documents to have my surgery approved. My recovery is in process. My physical therapist is impressed with my progress.” - Mary W.
  • “Dr. Desser 's quick and excellent diagnosis of a herniated disc and Foot Drop saved me from losing use of my foot. I could have been unable to walk without dragging my foot, which was caused by the herniated disc compressing the peroneal nerve which allows us to bend our feet and walk. Look up FOOT DROP. I will always be grateful to Dr. Desser. I had emergency surgery that night by neurosurgeon Dr. Farris Fakhoury.. God Bless both of these FANTASTIC doctors. I am walking 3 miles every day!” - Steve
  • “Dr. Desser is the best, if someone had a bad comment about him and his staff they have a problem themselves, I would follow him to the moon if need be.” - Charlett
  • “My experience with Dr. Desser has been great. He listened to me. He actually let me explain what my problem was. I felt like we worked together to get me better. We cooperated in solving my problem. My care, both in the office and the hospital was above excellent. I would and have referred people to Dr. Desser. Now he has moved and I need to find out where because I would like to continue care with him.” - Loretta
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