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    An Educated Patient: A Safe Patient

    You, the patient, and your active involvement in your joint replacement care, is proven to be one of the most powerful predictors of success. The SwiftPath Method equips you with the knowledge and tools that you need. These include surgeon-guided identification of health risk factors, JointCamp, surgeon-authored Patient Guide, online reporting, family engagement, modern pain management and home care. 

    Optimize Health Before Surgery

    Preoperative consultation focuses on personal health issues that can be managed to contribute to better results after joint replacement. SwiftPath Surgeons will help identify and manage patient-related risks before surgery to reduce complications. 

    State of the Art Patient Education

    JointCamp focuses on the importance of patient engagement and family support. It teaches the key elements that help decrease pain, improve rehabilitation, reduce length of stay and enhance recovery following surgery. 

    A Personal Road Map to a Safe Surgery

    Patients receive a surgeon-authored guide that combine standardized protocol, evidence-based medicine and surgeon-specific therapies. This is a comprehensive surgical roadmap. It l helps to identify risk factors, confirm the need for surgery and give patients knowledge about their active role in the joint replacement journey.

    Less Pain and Decreased Narcotics

    SwiftPath surgeons are committed to the reduction of narcotics abuse. The SwiftPath Method is a systematic approach to pain management that teaches you methods to minimize the use of narcotics. This approach has been vetted in RoundTables and proven with static-based outcomes. 

    Online Communication Tools

    The SwiftPath Method uses a post-surgery protocol for home care to minimize post-surgery issues. It includes cryotherapy, pain management, blood clot prevention and secure cloud-based reporting of your recovery.

    Family Involvement and Shared Decision Making

    The SwiftPath method includes a shared decision-making process between patient and surgeon on the best pathway for each patient. SwiftPath surgeons will confirm the need for a hip or knee replacement and determine if a patient is a candidate for outpatient surgery or reduced stay in a surgical facility.