Marshall Steele, MD

Best Practices in Outpatient Joint Replacement: Evidence-Based Medicine versus Expert Opinion
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Dr. Steele discusses the change in practices for Joint Replacement from 1980s to the modern day
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Dr. Steele comments on the challenges of Outpatient Joint Replacement and how to overcome them

Michael Mont, MD

Things That Happen after Joint Replacement: Patient Selection vs Predictive Analytics

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Dr. Mont discusses the Growing Demand for Arthroplasties
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How Can We Predict Who Goes Home and Who Stays?

Thomas Meade, MD

Moving From Opiates to Multimodal Pain Management: The Zonal Method for Periarticular Injections
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Multimodal Pain Management Serves as an Excellent Alternative to Traditional Opioid Pain Management
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Multimodal Pain Management uses a Variety of Therapeutics that work at Different Sites

Peter Sharkey, MD

Wound Care and Infection Prevention in ASC Joint Replacement
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Dr. Peter Sharkey discusses Multimodal approach to Peripresthetic Infection (PPI) reduction.
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Steps 1 - 3 out of 8 for Multimodal Approach to PPI Reduction.

Ira Kirschenbaum, MD

Managing Outpatients in The Cloud: Patient Engagement and Continuous Improvement
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Dr. Kirschenbaum outlines the Goals of the Cloud Platform
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SwiftPath Cloud Platform helps with Patient Selection and Consensus among Surgeons.

Craig McAllister, MD

Putting it All Together: Real Outcomes of Outpatient Joint Replacement in the ASC
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SwiftPath (Rapid Discharge) Patients report better clinical outcomes compared to traditional discharge patients
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