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    Recent Patient Reviews


    “I think one of the challenges facing us today is the disconnected and discontinuous care that our patients are getting. I think the SwiftPath Program really helps us connect all the dots, reduce the patient anxiety, combine that patient engagement with surgical expertise to get the value and the results that we’re all hoping to achieve.” Vinod Dasa, MD - New Orleans, LA

    “My knee has been killing me for the last year, who do I go see”, to the phone call to our office, evaluation, decision for surgery, to the surgery, and the specific plan for each patient. …… The education is what SwiftPath is always talking about, about getting the patient engaged, that is the real key.” Andrew Wickline, MD - Utica, NY

    “I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see results like this. I feel so lucky to have been introduced to you and your team and to have the opportunity to work with you! This is a true testament to the SwiftPath Method.” Dana Desser, DO - Wellington, FL

    “I chose the SwiftPath Program because it’s proven to decrease surgical pain, the need for narcotics, less complications and readmission. It has also been shown to speed recovery. I have worked with the SwiftPath team to author a patient guide that blends proven methods with my surgical techniques and expertise.” Richard Roux, MD - Yakima, WA

    “In summary, SwiftPath helped me because I feel like I’m a better surgeon. I’m continuing to learn. I’m continuing to improve the way I do things in a process and I can track my results for patients. I think it’s better because patients have something that takes away the complications, gets them back to work quicker and has a chance of having a better long-term result when you combine it with the newer surgical techniques.” Doug Vermillion, MD - Anchorage, AK

    “This is a program for all arthroplasty. This allows people to understand the process. It lowers their anxiety. It lowers their risk. It improves patient outcomes and quality. It should be incorporated into every joint surgeon’s armamentarium for patients, no matter where they do the surgery.” Thomas Meade, MD - Allentown, PA

    "The SwiftPath process is all about getting the patients engaged and being involved and really understanding where they stand". Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY

    "The SwiftPath Method involves the consensus of physicians with a lot of experience, research and ideas. All of this has the flexibility to be tailored to your practice. You have a comprehensive beginning to end program." Dr. T. Scott McGee, Premier Orthopedics, Albany GA

    "All studies have shown that through many pioneering physicians, the SwiftPath Method is safe, effective and the wave of the future." Dr. Charles Stewart, Boca Raton Medical Group

    "We started using the SwiftPath Method for every patient. No matter where you end up after surgery, as out-patient or in-patient, this will improve the quality of your surgery because patients are really engaged and their expectations are fully met." Dr. Morteza Meftah, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY


    "Wow, what a process and an incredible learning experience. I am very happy with the results. Thanks to a great team." B. Moeller, SwiftPath patient

    "I love that you get to go home right after surgery. I think you rest better in your own home. They have all your medication recommendations ready and organized for you, so you just need to make sure you pick them up, and follow the plan." C. Soptich, SwiftPath patient

    "The program is very clear: I did my exercises from the handbook several times a day and iced continually the first week. I had very little swelling after surgery. I rode a stationary bike starting at week 2 and was riding with resistance at week 4. I went hiking for 2 miles and at 7 weeks and riding a regular bike on the road for miles!” S. Myerson, SwiftPath patient

    “The SwiftPath program gave me all the information I needed to navigate pre and post-op requirements and the recovery process. I was released from the hospital at 5 hours after the first surgery, and 3 hours after the second. I am now at 2 ½ months after the second surgery and am enjoying my pain free knees and planning on enjoying the summer.” S. French, SwiftPath patient

    “The Swiftpath program is wonderful. All the questions you have are in the book but if you need additional help they are there for you. One knee done and the 2nd one will get done by these wonderful people. Thanks for taking good care of me!” D. Furguson, SwiftPath patient

    “I think anyone who has an opportunity to use a Swift Path Dr. and then chooses another doctor is nuts. My knee replacement, with it’s 4” scar that can’t even be seen after one year, was amazing. I was terrified to do it and it was almost pain-free. My friends were amazed when I was walking unaided within the week. I used narcotics for less than a week.” C. Sluys, SwiftPath patient

    “Great results and excellent care. Home day of knee replacement and used no narcotics! Back to playing tennis and feeling very good about the entire experience.” D. Coe, SwiftPath patient

    “I was skeptical at first, about recovering at home, but home is where I went one day after total knee replacement and did extremely well!” A. Benoliel, SwiftPath patient

    “I was amazed how well I felt after surgery. I was up and walking with crutches down the hall and stairs; released home the next day. The entire Swift Path team has been helpful and professional. I was off pain medications within the first week. I am walking daily with my dog and wife and we are all so pleased with the results.” J. Smith, SwiftPath patient

    "We needed the (SwiftPath Guide) booklet many times—medications, doctor phone numbers, we used it many, many times. My husband was able to look through it each day and know what to do and that brought much peace." L. Allen, SwiftPath patient