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    "SwiftPath is a revolutionary new method that combines patient education, cutting edge surgical techniques, and the latest research in communication and surgical recovery."Dr. Doug Vermillion, Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska
    "What SwiftPath has done is create a consistent message across the board in every phase of care. When patients are informed there’s no guess work, they get through the surgery process a lot better because their expectations are met. They understand what their role is and they understand other peoples’ roles."Dr. Trong Nguyen, The Center for Bone and Joint Care, Fountain Valley, CA
    "The SwiftPath process is all about getting the patients engaged and being involved and really understanding where they stand".Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY
    "The SwiftPath Method involves the consensus of physicians with a lot of experience, research and ideas. All of this has the flexibility to be tailored to your practice. You have a comprehensive beginning to end program."Dr. T. Scott McGee, Premier Orthopedics, Albany GA
    "All studies have shown that through many pioneering physicians, the SwiftPath Method is safe, effective and the wave of the future."Dr. Charles Stewart, Boca Raton Medical Group
    "We started using the SwiftPath Method for every patient. No matter where you end up after surgery, as out-patient or in-patient, this will improve the quality of your surgery because patients are really engaged and their expectations are fully met."Dr. Morteza Meftah, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY


    "We needed the (SwiftPath Guide) booklet many times—medications, doctor phone numbers, we used it many, many times. My husband was able to look through it each day and know what to do and that brought much peace."L. Allen, SwiftPath patient
    "This is postoperative day 3. This has been a good day so far. My pain ranges from a best of 1 to a worst of 3 out of 10 on a visual pain scale. I haven't taken anything but Tylenol® and Aleve® all day."I. Kirschenbaum, SwiftPath patient
    "It was 3 weeks today since my left knee replacement and pain is at a real manageable level. I am very pleased how well I am doing after only three weeks. I followed the SwiftPath pain reducing regimen and it worked well."M. Nagle, SwiftPath patient
    "Had left total knee...the minimally invasive surgery techniques I am sure quickened the heal time. The key is to follow the instructions in the (SwiftPath) booklet and ice, ice, ice...within 2 weeks walking great."R. Korrie, SwiftPath patient
    "I walked out of ambulatory surgery after a total left hip surgery. I did not experience pain nor did I require physical therapy. The SwiftPath booklet answered any questions I may have had."L. Yagoda, SwiftPath patient
    "SwiftPath (surgery) is definitely easier on the body and quicker to heal."T. McIntosh, SwiftPath patient