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    The SwiftPath Story

    Dr. Craig McAllister and Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum met as residents at Montefiore/Albert Einstein Hospitals, Bronx, NY. They formed a strong kinship, recognizing each other as fellow visionaries, each with complimentary interests and skills. They are both nationally recognized experts, with numerous publications and TV appearances. They are both leaders who have a long list of contributions in addition to their surgical practices. Ira's passion-programming and building state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and Craig's focus—research and development of minimally invasive surgical techniques and medical devices. The result was the SwiftPath Method, a comprehensive program that changes the paradigm in joint replacement surgery.

    Since its inception in 2014, SwiftPath has gained great momentum with orthopedic surgeons specializing in hip and knee replacements. Surgeons across the country have adopted the SwiftPath Method and incorporated the program into their practices. SwiftPath’s combination of minimally invasive techniques, modern pain management, patient engagement and optimization, shared decision making and shorter stays have been proven to lead to better surgical outcomes. Surgeons now have a comprehensive program, a coordinated sequence of events that work together to offer their patients. In turn, patients are more satisfied to have a documented roadmap, resources, less pain, less narcotics and quicker recovery.

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    McAllister, CM, Kirschenbaum, IH, and Stepanian, JD. Clincal Outcomes and Cost Implications of Rapid Discharge Versus Traditional Pathways after Knee Replacement. Accepted for Presentation at AAOS Annual Meeting, March, 2016