SwiftPath TV

      The SwiftPath Program, LLC is focused on developing programs that advance surgeon-to-surgeon education. Our philosophy is to advance cost effective methods that provide state-of-the-art joint replacement care to all those who need it. We achieve this through fostering education, developing proven rapid rehab protocols, and using clinical and patient reported outcomes to enhance evidence-based medicine.

      We believe that superior joint replacement care is achieved when evidence-based medicine is balanced by years of specialty training, extensive surgical experience, and a culture of collaboration and cooperation.

      The SwiftPath RoundTable Meetings provide that culture. (Read more)

      Each meeting features speakers and discussions related to rapid rehabilitation and outpatient methods for joint replacement. We utilize the Delphi method—a structured communication technique that serves as a systematic, interactive session that relies on a panel of experts.

      We also rely on cadaver sessions that feature experts on a variety of different minimally invasive surgical approaches, specialized instruments, injection techniques, and implants. These sessions focus on improving recovery, decreasing pain, and minimizing narcotics and complications.

      The protocols, methods, and techniques demonstrated in SwiftPath TV help to provide SwiftPath surgeons with reference materials from these meetings, and are intended only for their use. The SwiftPath Program greatly appreciates the efforts and commitment of the surgeons that have contributed and is pleased to make this material available to them.


      Cadaver Lab