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    SwiftPath Provides the Complete Solution for Outpatient Joint Replacement

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    • SwiftPath Annual Meeting - June 16th, 2017
      SwiftPath June 16th Meeting
      Woodmark Hotel, 1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033

    Patient Testimonials

    • I had a hip replacement 6 months ago. When you can walk to the car almost immediately post surgery, it can't get any better! DO keep up the recommended pain meds used as told by your doctor - just do what you are told to do, don't try to be the "tough guy." Wonderful job! I'm beyond jogging days, but walking is wonderful!
    • I have just completed my 2nd surgery ( TKA 1st/ THA 2nd) with a SwiftPath surgeon and my husband has had one TKA. We could not be more pleased.. communication is excellent, expectations are well laid out. ..multimodal pain control is revolutionary.. my hip replacement required no pain meds at all.. I used no more than Tylenol and Advil. What the SwiftPath surgeon and his team do regarding joint replacements is amazing. We are very lucky we were referred to a SwiftPath surgeons team. Consider this my referral.
    • Wonderful Doctor .. Caring and concerned for his patients . Highly recommend a SwiftPath surgeon . Would not even consider going to anyone else . Had hip surgery on 6/1/16. Pain free and healing well. A+++