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    “Connecting the right patient, with the right surgeon, and the right pathway.”

    SwiftPath is a protocol driven company for advanced surgical techniques in hip and knee replacement. The surgeon manages a patient’s episode of care on a robust HIPAA secure cloud platform. At our RoundTable meetings, surgeons collaborate around sharing best practices and driving improvements for outpatient and enhanced recovery joint replacements.

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    Active Engagement

    Engaging the Patient & the Surgical Team

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    “Patient Engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century”

    ..and managing the episode of care and the bundle is the delivery system of this drug…

    Surgeon RoundTables

    Protocols are vetted through the SwiftPath surgeon roundtables.
    I really think SwiftPath has a different focus. That focus is surgeons that get together coming up with the best ideas, talking about them and deciding do these ideas make sense. It still gives each surgeon the independence to say you know I disagree with that one thing but I agree with 99%. This one thing I am going to change. Again giving us that ability to be our own artist but be a scientist looking at the data.
    Andrew Wickline, MD
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    Data Matters

    SwiftPath surgeons OWN their data. Patient reported outcomes, Interactive Dashboards and Patient Alerts
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